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Welcome to Spaghettomania In 2009, we created Spaghettomania to meet our need for merging and harmonizing tradition with modern culinary culture. We chose to host our new restaurant in the port of Zakynthos, in the center of the coastal, in a two-storey old neoclassical building. Spaghettomania is a hotspot that has everything in the most elegant part of the city: simple aesthetics, magnificent views, high level of flavors, gorgeous chef, affordable prices, an exquisite list of imaginative cocktails and a list of wines from Greek and Italian wine producers. Changing what we have known so far for the all-day term, we have created the ultimate destination for all who seek high quality, excellent service and affordable prices against the backdrop of the enchanting sea of ​​the Ionian Sea.

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Spaghettomania serves the term gastronomy in a way that stimulates the senses and approaches the person pioneering and unconventional with an emphasis on Greece and Italy, combining harmoniously the Italian finesse with raw materials from Greece and abroad. Tasty flavors from the basket of materials you are happy to cook at home. That's why in our restaurant you will not find unknown names. The core of Spaghettomania's kitchen is the inspiration inspired by zeal and obsession with creation. A visit to the restaurant is enough. Each dish is the home of the sea, the mountain and the earth. Our primary goal is to create a relationship of trust between the people who make up our restaurant and our guests in order to achieve the ultimate taste experience.

  • spaghettomania restaurant zakynthos town
  • spaghettomania restaurant zakynthos town
  • spaghettomania restaurant zakynthos town
  • spaghettomania restaurant zakynthos town

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Every visitor to Spaghettomania will enjoy the unique view of the Ionian Sea with the dominant blue to stimulate the senses. Particularly during the sunset, where the moon is gradually coming to the harbor and covering the picturesque town of the island, your dinner will turn into an enchanting gastronomic experience. You will find Spaghettomania in the center of the coastal town of Zakynthos, on the most cosmopolitan and elegant side of the island. Especially you will find us in the corner created by Lombardou with the alley of Kyriakos Xenos at number 1.

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